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Our clients can be confident that their assets are being taken care of

Working with TMF Group gives our clients one benefit above all else: confidence that their global wealth and assets are being administered in the best possible way.

Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise you and your advisers need to navigate an increasingly complex global environment. Our multi-disciplinary approach means we can tackle just about any administration challenge.

Our primary goals are to help simplify the administration of your global assets, nurture your wealth, and develop and support your plans to transfer assets to the next generation, either now or in the future. We are also well positioned to assist with plans that may include charitable or philanthropic objectives.

How we can support you

Transferring assets from one family member to another is a complex and weighty decision – especially if it involves a family business, or assets located around the world. Both personal and business succession should be planned carefully by someone you trust. TMF Group has the knowledge and experience to give you the comfort that your planning, and its execution, are properly aligned with your overall financial and succession strategy.

Taking the wider view in succession planning and wealth transfer

TMF Group takes the wider view of your succession planning and wealth transfer needs. We make sure everything is in line with your broad financial goals, as well as your estate and inheritance plan. Whether you want to gift assets to family members or provide support for philanthropic endeavours, we help ensure a smooth and efficient transition while taking care of any potential estate and inheritance tax complexities.

TMF Group’s private wealth and family office team helps you develop a detailed succession plan, working with your advisers to develop and administer the most appropriate solutions. Your plan must consider the tax implications of any strategy and look at the most appropriate provisions to protect personal and business assets, even after succession takes place.

We help with the establishment of trusts, foundations, and other asset-holding vehicles to facilitate succession, estate and inheritance planning. Once the preferred structure is set up, we make sure it runs smoothly. We provide trustee and other fiduciary services to manage the chosen structure in a compliant way. We can also offer company secretarial services and a registered office – while maintaining appropriate records and accounts for the structure at all times.

When it comes to legislative and regulatory obligations, we can take on the burden of filing all required returns and declarations. Our accounting package includes the preparation of financial statements, tax preparation and filing plus regulatory reporting – providing you with a complete and comprehensive service. You can rest assured that your structure, no matter how complex or simple, will always remain compliant.

It's important that both your private and business wealth are safeguarded now and into the future. TMF Group’s private wealth and family office team can work with you and your professional advisors to develop a strategy to preserve and hold assets for succession planning, protecting them for future generations.

Solutions tailored to protect your wealth

Planning can be challenging but TMF Group's global reach and local knowledge helps to ensure that your structure operates effectively and efficiently.

Asset protection strategies include:

  • selecting the appropriate structures and independent asset-holding vehicles
  • establishing structures to separate personal and family assets from business assets
  • supporting your bespoke structures by working with your advisors to meet your requirements now and, more importantly, for the next generation
  • establishing structures in politically and economically stable jurisdictions with appropriately qualified and experienced professionals.

Increasingly, families have assets in multiple locations around the globe. We help simplify the administration of these global assets. TMF Group’s private wealth and family office team is perfectly positioned to help you manage them in an efficient and compliant way with access to 125 offices in 86 jurisdictions – all through a single point of contact.

We can handle the complexities of asset administration

Having assets located across one or more jurisdictions brings added complexity in terms of management, record keeping, valuations and reporting. TMF Group’s global private wealth and family office team takes this complexity out of your hands. Our experience and expertise ensure compliance with the increasingly complex regulatory demands of day-to-day administration and reporting of international financial assets, real estate, businesses, and other individual assets.

Having a centralised overview and valuation of all assets, wherever they are, is now a necessity. TMF Group can manage such global assets in a way that takes account of their value and location, and properly records the relevant family members with an interest in them.

We understand that our clients often wish to contribute to society through philanthropic initiatives that reflect their personal vision and values. TMF Group offers a range of bespoke solutions that help you achieve your goals when supporting social and community initiatives. We help create structures that facilitate donations to support a charitable cause or deliver your long-term philanthropic vision.

Maximising the impact of your contributions to society

TMF Group’s private wealth and family office team can help you establish structures such as foundations or trusts that facilitate your philanthropic ambitions. Furthermore, once the preferred structure is set up, we ensure it continues to run in an optimal and compliant way.

Depending on the chosen structure, we can perform several roles, including acting as trustee and administrator, in the case of a trust, or as a qualified member on the council of members, and act as a guardian when appropriate in the case of a foundation.

We ensure that you receive timely and relevant information to enable you to evaluate the impact of your endowments and consider whether funding of any given initiative should be continued. We also prepare the financial accounts of the trust or foundation, along with any bespoke reporting.

When it comes to legislative obligations, we can take on the burden of filing all required returns and declarations, including tax preparation and filing, and regulatory reporting.

What sets our services apart?

What sets our services apart?

A dedicated team in 86 jurisdictions

Your dedicated client director within TMF Group is uniquely able to provide you with access to 125 wholly-owned offices in 86 jurisdictions – all managed through this single point of contact. They are on hand to help you, no matter where you or your assets are located.

TMF Group is the only company worldwide to provide the combination of fiduciary, company secretarial, accounting and tax, and HR and payroll services essential to the comprehensive servicing of both private wealth and family office clients across so many jurisdictions.


As a truly independent provider, we can work with your auditors, advisers and investment manager without any conflict of interest in corporate governance or local regulatory restrictions. We can act as an independent sounding board when needed.

International compliance

Our global team can help family offices navigate international regulatory compliance. We know that each jurisdiction implements its own local regime with unique challenges, creating a maze of localised regulation. It is no wonder in-house compliance teams struggle to keep pace.

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We make a complex world simple

TMF Group is a leading provider of critical administrative services, helping clients invest and operate safely around the world. with over 11,000 colleagues in more than 125 offices across 87 jurisdictions provide local expertise. Our locations cover 92% of world GDP and 95% of FDI inflow.

We are a key part of our clients’ governance, providing the accounting, tax, payroll, fund administration and legal entity management services essential to their success. We make sure rules are followed, reputations protected and operational compliance maintained. We work with the majority of the Fortune Global 500, FTSE 100 and top 300 private equity firms.

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